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If you are stuck to use events on vue3-apexcharts, this article is useful to you.

v-if="options && series"

export default {
data() {
return {
options: {
chart: {
id: 'vuechart-example'
xaxis: {
categories: [1991, 1992, 1993],
series: [
name: 'series-1',
data: [30, 40, 45],
methods: {
click(event, chartContext, config) {
console.log('click', event, chartContext, config);
legendClick(chartContext, seriesIndex, config) {
console.log('legendClick', chartContext, seriesIndex, config);
markerClick(event, chartContext, { seriesIndex, dataPointIndex, config }) {
console.log('markerClick', event, chartContext, seriesIndex, dataPointIndex, config);
selection(chartContext, { xaxis, yaxis }) {
console.log('selection', chartContext, xaxis, yaxis);
dataPointSelection(event, chartContext, config) {
console.log('dataPointSelection', event, chartContext, config);

November of 2020, old Laravel installer servers will be shutting down.

The logo of Laravel

Do you guys know old Laravel installer servers will be shutting down on November of 2020?

To use Laravel installer continuously, we should upgrade our Laravel installer.

This is the cookbook for users who want to know how to upgrade your own Laravel installer.

It’s very simple to upgrade your…

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